YLCCycle4 238The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) of Licking County was established in 2011 as a continuation of Licking County’s decades-long commitment to youth-led prevention. Designed to build leadership skills, improve knowledge of behavioral health concerns, promote prevention and engage young people in decision making, the YLC is comprised of students from area high schools who commit a year of service to Licking and surrounding counties in an effort to bring awareness to and end issues related to substance use, problem gambling, bullying, suicide and other violence. Based on researched theory and best practice prevention, the YLC strives to help make Licking County a happy, healthy, safe and drug-free place to live, work and go to school.

The Youth Leadership Council is uniquely youth-led whereas the leadership infrastructure is designed to give the members the ability and responsibility to lead all projects, administration and organization.

An Executive Council, led by the Council President, oversees all initiatives and efforts of the organization.

YLC Presidents:
Cycle One: Julie Archer [Granville High School, 2011]
Cycle Two: Julie Archer [Granville High School, 2012]
Cycle Three: Blake Butler [Licking Valley High School, 2013]
Cycle Four: Holley Mapel [Lakewood High School, 2014]
Cycle Five: Michaela Trawick [Newark High School, 2015]
Cycle Six: Vincent O’Neill [Newark Catholic High School, 2016]
Cycle Seven: Abbey McNaught [Heath High School, 2017]
Cycle Eight: Noelle Stevens [Licking Valley High School, 2018]
Cycle Nine: Sydney Fowls [Heath High School, 2019]

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