The Youth Leadership Council has a vast history of strong, dedicated alumni who have gone on to attend some of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities and continued their prevention knowledge, personal growth and leadership development at the collegiate and professional levels. These individuals continue to make the world a better place.

YLC Presidents (l to r): Julie Archer, Blake Butler, Holley Mapel, Michaela Trawick, Vincent O’Neill

Cycle  Seven
: 2017-2018
*Abbey McNaught – president (Heath High School)
Noah Hersey – vice president (Licking Valley High School)
*Cameron Vayansky – chief of staff (Lakewood High School)
Jenna Chorpenning – administrative director (Lakewood High School)
Cody Miller – communications director (Newark Catholic High School)
Jordan Aronowitz – community engagement director (Licking Valley High School)
Ashley Abner – historian (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Darian Athey – leadership development director (Newark High School)
Paul Collier – project management director (Heath High School)
Audri Atkinson – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Nathaniel Amoah – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Lauren Bowman – representative (Lakewood High School)
Hannah Brunaugh – representative (Heath High School)
Michelle Chen – representative (Heath High School)
Jayme Clark – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Madison Englebert – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Lydia Ertachew – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Sydney Fowls – representative (Heath High School)
Tyler Haley – representative (Granville High School)
Siarra Hoover – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Mallory Janicki – representative (Lakewood High School)
Alyssa Lambert – representative (Heath High School)
Hannah Lehman – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Camryn Miller – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Elaine Ramey – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Sydney Roehrenbeck – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Kyle Rice – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Alexa Saunders – representative (Heath High School)
Madison Scott – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Audrey Smith – representative (Granville High School)
Gunnar Smith – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Noelle Stevens – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Seth Thompson – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Faith Triplett – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Emily Tuma – representative (Granville High School)
Hailey Zimmerman – representative (Heath High School)

Cycle Six: 2016-2017
Vincent O’Neill – president (Newark Catholic High School)
Cameron Vayansky – vice president (Lakewood High School)
Kaycee Campbell – treasurer (Northridge High School)
Abbey McNaught – secretary (Heath High School)
Noah Hersey – communications director (Licking Valley High School)
Renae Higgins – project management director (Licking Valley High School)
Skyy GreenRiver – leadership development director (Heath High School)
Elaine Ramey – historian (Licking Heights High School)
Ashley Abner – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Hayley Adkins – representative (Northridge High School)
Jaidyn Adkins – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Nathaniel Amoah – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Jordan Aronowitz – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Max Berry – representative (Northridge High School)
Finn Bohlen – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Ethan Brechbill – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Lily Calendar – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Garrett Carr – representative (Northridge High School)
Jenna Chorpenning – representative (Lakewood High School)
Paul Collier – representative (Heath High School)
Jacob Daignault- representative (Lakewood High School)
Jacob Gero – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Caleb Hawkins – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Carley Hurst – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Malory Janicki – representative (Lakewood High School)
Brooke Kauchak – representative (Granville High School)
Emily Kauchak – representative (Granville High School)
Jacob Koch – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Samantha Lehner – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Caylee Lindsay – representative (Northridge High School)
Jordan Lowe – representative (Heath High School)
Hannah Luft – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Jadacy McCampbell – representative (C-TEC)
Camryn Miller- representative (Licking Valley High School)
Matthew Mohr – representative (Lakewood High School)
Ashley Montagnese – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Zianne Olverson – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Morgan Prachar  – representative (Granville High School)
Natalie Price – representative (Granville High School)
Emily Rader – representative (Heath High School)
Emma Reamer – representative (Granville High School)
Kyle Rice – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Alexa Saunders – representative (Heath High School)
Rudy Snider – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Kailyn Theobald – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)
Faith Triplett – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Hannah Yebalie – representative (Northridge High School)
Annalise Zink – representative (Johnstown Monroe High School)

Cycle Five: 2015-2016
Michaela Trawick – president (Newark High School)
Mary Ghiloni– vice president (Newark Catholic High School)
Caleb Aleshire – treasurer (Lakewood High School)
Joshua Jamison– secretary (Licking Heights High School)
Grace Montgomery- communications director (Granville High School)
*Zoe Guiney- project management director (Granville High School)
Aili Barbee – leadership development director (Northridge High School)
Caroline Saldivar- historian (Watkins Memorial High School)
Meredith Baker – representative (Newark High School)
Dana Berry – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Max Berry – representative (Northridge High School)
Caitlyn Blecha – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Jovana Bogdanovska – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Ethan Brechbill – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Charity Butler – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Ethan Cash – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Jesse Chirdon – representative (Lakewood High School)
Ellis Cramer- representative (Lakewood High School)
Amara Cummings – representative (Lakewood High School)
Taylor Daignault – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Sarah Davidson – representative (Granville High School) 
Abby Davies – representative (Newark High School)
Eyon Ertachew – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Molly Dugan – representative (Lakewood High School)
Shelby Graham – representative (Lakewood High School)
Skyy GreenRiver – representative (Heath High School)
*David Gump – representative (C-TEC)
Caleb Hawkins – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Renae Higgins – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Emma Hock – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Gillian Janicki – representative (Lakewood High School)
Jacob Kennedy – representative (Newark High School)
Taylor King – representative (Newark High School)
Luke Kozlowski – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Joey Landis – representative (Lakewood High School)
Cassie Leachman- representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Hunter Lear – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Alex Lemons – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Trisha McConnell – representative (Northridge High School)
Abbey McNaught – representative (Heath High School)
Ashley Montagnese – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Samantha Montell – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Vincent O’Neill – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Alysa Pipkin – representative (Newark High School)
Makenna Riley – representative (Lakewood High School)
Shelby Robbins – representative (Heath High School)
Diana Salmeron – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Jacob Sloan – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Sam Sowers – representative (Heath High School)
Robert Speaks – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Robyn Thomson – representative (Newark High School)
Cameron Vayansky – representative (Lakewood High School)
Lyndsay Walsh – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Meagan Whittaker – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Lauren Wills – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Allison Zink – representative (Johnstown-Monroe High School)
Annalise Zink – representative (Johnstown-Monroe High School)

Cycle Four: 2014-2015
*Holley Mapel – president (Lakewood High School)
Nolie Wagner– vice president (Granville High School)
Michaela Trawick – treasurer (Newark High School)
Kayann Hoffman– secretary (Lakewood High School)
*DJ Davis- communications director (Watkins Memorial High School)
David Gump- resource development director (C-TEC)
*Sidney Loar- project management director (Heath High School)
Zoe Guiney – leadership development director (Granville High School)
Haylie Schmoll– historian (Licking Valley High School)
Tayler Aliff – representative (C-TEC)
Aili Barbee – representative (Northridge High School)
Dana Berry – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Maddie Berry – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Ellis Campen- representative (Lakewood High School)
Kori Caughenbaugh – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Jesse Chirdon- representative (Lakewood High School)
Ellis Cramer – representative (Lakewood High School)
Audrey Evans – representative (Newark High School)
Mary Ghiloni- representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Rachael Gump – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Hannah Hawkins – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Kaiti Hayman- representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Tommy Johnson – representative (Newark High School)
Joey Landis – representative (Lakewood High School)
Cassie Leachman – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Kaitlynn Leavitt – representative (Newark High School)
Grace Montgomery – representative (Granville High School)
Caroline Saldivar – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Jacob Santiago – representative (Heath High School)
Jacob Sloan- representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Zach Ulry – representative (Licking Valley High School)
LeeAnn Wesley – representative (Utica High School)
Zoe Weaver – representative (Licking Valley High School)

Cycle Three: 2013-2014
Blake Butler – president (Licking Valley High School)
Luci Denkewalter-Burdick– vice president (Granville High School)
Holley Mapel – treasurer (Watkins Memorial High School)
Sidney Loar– secretary (Heath High School)
John Satterfield- communications director (Granville High School)
Zach Heller- resource development director (Watkins Memorial High School)
Brittney Wilson- project management director (Licking Valley High School)
Maggie McGonagle – leadership development director (Granville High School)
Hannah Ayers- historian (Newark High School)
Logan Anderson- representative (Newark High School)
Maddie Berry- representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Grace Brechbill – representative (Licking Valley High School)
DJ Davis – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Carley Eggleton – representative (Granville High School)
Brady Etz – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
#*Katelyn Gorius – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Brooklyn Griffin – representative (C-TEC)
Ty Griffith – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Zoe Guiney – representative (Granville High School)
David Gump – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Kayann Hoffman – representative (Lakewood High School)
Tristin Leavitt – representative (Newark High School)
##Katie Mitchell – representative (Lakewood High School)
Grant Russell – representative (Newark High School)
Lauren Rutherford – representative (Granville High School)
Justin Unternaher – representative (Newark High School)
Lorey Verhovec – representative (Northridge High School)
Nolie Wagner – representative (Granville High School)
Jane Zupsic – representative (Newark Catholic High School)

Cycle Two: 2012-2013
Julie Archer – president (Granville High School)
Jesi Hosmer– vice president (Watkins Memorial High School)
Zach Heller– treasurer (Watkins Memorial High School)
Sidney Loar– secretary (Heath High School)
Katelyn Gorius- communications director (Newark Catholic High School)
Emily Harrington– resource development director (Licking Valley High School)
Willie Henderson – community service director (Newark High School)
Abby McGonagle – leadership development director (Granville High School)
Emily Clayton – historian (Watkins Memorial High School)
Farhiya Abdi – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Zoe Annarino – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Carrie Ball – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Ivana Bogdanovska -representative (Licking Heights High School)
Sara Brooks – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Blake Butler – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Jared Clark – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
DJ Davis – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Alexa Day – representative (Heath High School)
Luci Denkewalter-Burdick (Granville High School)
Holley Mapel – representative (Lakewood High School)
Kameron Meeting – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Trevor Moore – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Tim Ney – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Stephanie Robb – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)
Victoria Shoemaker – representative (Heath High School)

Cycle One: 2011-2012
Julie Archer – president (Granville High School)
Kirsten Strickland– vice president (Watkins Memorial High School)
Julia Roche– treasurer (Newark Catholic High School)
Joshlyn Hall– secretary (Licking Heights High School)
Camden Argyle – communications director (Granville High School)
Lauren Payton – resource development director (Licking Heights High School)
Tawnee GreenRiver – historian (Heath High School)
Ivana Bogdanovska – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Brock Cecutti – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Katelyn Gorius – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Savannah Justus – representative (Licking Valley High School)
Neriah-Shae Licata – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Katie Mitchell – representative (Lakewood High School)
Hibo Mohamed – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Tim Ney – representative (Licking Heights High School)
Audrey Stallworth – representative (Newark Catholic High School)
Heath Toy – representative (Watkins Memorial High School)

*Three year member
#first person to serve three consecutive years
##first person to serve non-consecutive years
Italicized indicates recipient of Alumni of the Year Honor