A combination of individuals from the YLC, Pathways and Licking Valley Local Schools make up the Coordinating Committee for Venture Youth to Youth. The Coordinating Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the weekend conference.

2019 Administrative Team:
Ruth Satterfield, LSW, OCPC: School Counselor, Licking Valley Intermediate (chair)
Darian Athey, YLC Chief of Staff and NHS Rep. (youth coordinator)
Tessa Blizzard: Y2Y Alum and Licking Valley Parent
Erin Fee, M.Ed: Y2Y Alum and LVIS Teacher
Heath Moore: Y2Y Alum and Middle School Club Coordinator
Tricia Phelps, M.Ed.: Y2Y Alum and LVHS Teacher
Seth Thompson, LVHS student and YLC alum (youth coordinator)