Each year, a coordinating committee is convened to plan, organize, implement and evaluate the Licking County Leaders Summit. Coordinating committee members include members of the YLC and professional staff from the Center for Prevention Services at Pathways of Central Ohio.

2017 Coordinating Committee (l to r): Cameron Vayansky, Abbey McNaught, Vincent O’Neill, Natalie Price, Kyle Rice, Brook Kauchak (not pictured: Faith Triplett)

2019 Coordinating Committee:
Noelle Stevens: YLC President & LVHS Representative (co-chair)
Bobby Persinger, YLC Project Director, Pathways of Central Ohio (co-chair)
Ashley Abner, Leadership Development Director and JMHS Representative
Audri Atkinson, Administrative Director and Watkins H.S. Representative
Hannah Brunaugh, Historian and HHS Representative
Elizabeth Dyke, Utica H.S. Representative
Cheryl Hoshor, YLC Project Manager, Pathways of Central Ohio
Carsie Reed, Newark H.S. Representative
Kenny Sloan, Watkins H.S. Representative