The Youth Leadership Council established a commitment to recognizing excellence and the individuals who propel the mission, vision and beliefs of the YLC across the county. As a trailblazing organization the YLC decided in 2012 to recognize valiant and intentional efforts to perpetuate youth prevention and leadership development with a series of awards collectively known as the Leadership Honors.

The Youth Leadership Council bestows leadership honors annually upon alumni, educators and community members who support youth prevention and leadership development and the Council’s mission and goals throughout Licking County. Honorees are nominated and selected by current Council Representatives.

Alumni of the Year: The Alumni of the Year Honor is given to a former YLC member who has continued to actively promote the core values and beliefs after ending his/her tenure on the Council.

2013: Tawnee GreenRiver [HHS Representative & Historian, Cycle 1]
2014: Emily Harrington [LVHS Representative & Resource Development Director, Cycle 2]
2015: Grace Brechbill [LVHS Representative, Cycle 3]
2016: Holley Mapel [LHS Representative, Cycles 2; Treasurer, Cycle 3 and President, Cycle 4]
2017: Haylie Schmoll [LVHS Representative and Historian, Cycle 4]

Educator of the Year
: The Educator of the Year Honor is given to a current or former educator for exemplary contributions to youth development and the promotion of strong prevention messaging through education.

2013: Don Haven [High School Teacher, Granville Exempted Village Schools, retired]
2014: Matt Durst [High School Principal Granville Exempted Village Schools]
2015: Whitney Bobo [Technology Integration Specialist, Newark City Schools]
2015: Scott Koebel [High School Counselor, Newark City Schools]
2016: Valerie Kieffer [High School Counselor, Lakewood Local Schools]
2016: Amy Vohsing [Teacher, Newark Catholic High School]
2017: Michelle Vayansky [Middle School Teacher, Lakewood Local Schools]

Advocate of the Year: The Advocate of the Year Honor is given to a member of the community for going above and beyond all expectations to advocate on behalf of youth prevention and leadership development.

2013: Anna Jeffries [Reporter, Newark Advocate]
2014: Kim Lust [Public Relations Specialist, State Farm Insurance]
2015: Heather Hawkins [Licking County Family YMCA]
2016: Hilary Requejo [Health Educator, Licking County Health Department]
2017: Jamie Ballard [Teacher, Lakewood Local Schools]

Member of the Year: The Member of the Year Honor is given to a current YLC member who exemplifies leadership and personifies the values and beliefs of the Council.

2013: Julie Archer [GHS Representative & President, Cycles 1 and 2]
2014: Brittney Wilson [LVHS Representative & Project Management Director, Cycle 3]
2015: Haylie Schmoll [LVHS Representative & Historian, Cycle 4]
2016: Aili Barbee [NLHS Representative, Cycle 4; Leadership Development Director, Cycle 5]
2017: Abbey McNaught [HHS Representative, Cycle 5; Secretary, Cycle 6; President, Cycle 7]

Ruth Satterfield Award for Prevention Excellence: The Ruth Satterfield Award for Prevention Excellence is given to an individual who actively supports youth development and advances youth prevention across Licking County.

The Ruth Satterfield Award is named after prevention veteran and Licking County resident, Ruth Satterfield. Satterfield was part of the original group of parents who brought youth-led prevention to Licking County in the early 1980s. Serving as the Prevention Director at Pathways of Central Ohio for 15 years, Ruth also held positions at Mental Health & Recovery for Licking and Knox Counties, Newark City Schools and she served as the Prevention Chief at the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services from 2008-2011. Ruth continues to promote the benefits of prevention as an Advisory Committee member to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and as the director of the Venture Youth to Youth program.

2013: Brandi Cooper [High School Counselor Granville Exempted Village Schools]
2014: Hon. Joe Ebel [Health Commissioner, Licking County Health Department]
2015: Janice McLean, Ph.D. [Psychologist, Psychological Consultants & Affiliates]
2016: Lewis R. Mollica, Ph.D. [Director, Our Futures in Licking County]
2017: Trevor Thomas, Ed.D. [Superintendent, Heath City Schools]

President’s Award: The President’s Award was established in 2014 by Cycle 3 President,  Blake Butler, to highlight and honor someone who has empowered and motivated young people. The recipient is chosen by the YLC President to honor an individual who has mentored and guided him/her along his/her journey. 

2014: Bobby Persinger [Prevention Director, Pathways of Central Ohio]
2015: Andy Bowman [Teacher, Lakewood Local Schools]
2016: Thomas Lawson, D.O. [Doctor, United States Army]
2017: Justin Paul [Owner, Paul Automotive & Service Center]

Janice McLean Scholarship: The Janice McLean Scholarship was established in 2015 to recognize a YLC member who exemplifies the principles and personifies the values of the Youth Leadership Council. The recipient receives a statue and monetary award  to continue his/her journey of positively impacting and changing the world. 

The McLean Scholarship is named after Dr. Janice McLean, a local psychologist who committed the initial resources to establish the scholarship. Dr. McLean’s only request, “give the award to a young person who has the drive, dedication and passion to help make the world a better place.” Each year, a selection committee, chaired by Dr. McLean, is convened and a current or former YLC member is selected to receive the award. 

2015: Holley Mapel [LHS Representative, Cycles 2; Treasurer, Cycle 3; President, Cycle 4]
2016: Jesse Chirdon [LHS Representative, Cycles 4 and 5]
2017: Vincent O’Neill [NCHS Representative, Cycle 5; President, Cycle 6]

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