In partnership with leadership from the Licking County Foundation, a coordinating committee was convened in 2016 to establish a youth philanthropy council in Licking County. Each year the Coordinating Committee will plan, implement, award and evaluate philanthropic processes to highlight the time, talent, and treasures of Licking County.

2019 Coordinating Committee:
Hailey Zimmerman: Youth Leadership Council (co-chair)
Janine Mortellaro: Mortellaro McDonalds (co-chair)
Darian Athey: Youth Leadership Council
Hannah Brunaugh: Youth Leadership Council
Amy Dell: Licking County Foundation
Brittany Fairburn: Park National Bank
Chase Ghiloni: First Federal Savings & Loan
Megan Lewis: Licking County Foundation
Cody Miller: Youth Leadership Council
Bobby Persinger: Pathways of Central Ohio
Chyenne Rappold: Youth Leadership Council
Noelle Stevens: Youth Leadership Council