In partnership with leadership from the Licking County Foundation, a coordinating committee was conviened in 2016 to establish a youth philanthropy council in Licking County. Each year the Coordinating Committee will plan, implement, award and evaluate philanthropic processes to help make Licking County a happy, healthy, safe and drug free place to live, work and go to school.

2019 Coordinating Committee:
Hailey Zimmerman: Youth Leadership Council (co-chair)
Janine Mortellaro: Mortellaro McDonalds (co-chair)
Darian Athey: Youth Leadership Council
Hannah Brunaugh: Youth Leadership Council
Amy Dell, M.Ed: Licking County Foundation
Brittany Henry: Park National Bank
Megan Lewis: Licking County Foundation
Cody Miller: Youth Leadership Council
Bobby Persinger, OCPC: Pathways of Central Ohio
Chyenne Rappold: Youth Leadership Council
Noelle Stevens: Youth Leadership Council