On March 17, 2015, local high school students and educators had the opportunity to participate in the first Licking County Leaders SumSummitmit. This one-day summit was designed to improve their understanding of substance use, bullying, suicide and other behavioral health concerns, build leadership skills and create community change in Licking County. Summit participants engaged in educational workshops, individual and group mentoring and project development, facilitated by the award-winning Youth Leadership Council (YLC) of Licking County with help from local, state and national experts.

12 high schools were invited to send a team of 11 individuals (10 students and 1 adult) to participate in the summit. While at the Summit, teams take part in workshops, small group discussions and large group activities all designed to build and improve their leadership skills and prevention knowledge. Participants engage with state-wide prevention experts.  Click below to download team registration and/or workshop applications.

Benefits of Participation

As a participant you will:

  • Be able to network with nearly 250 other student leaders from across Licking County.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge about mental, emotional and behavioral health concerns facing Licking County.
  • Learn the value of youth-led prevention and how it can help make Licking County a happy, healthy, safe and drug free place to live, work and go to school.
  • Have FUN!

As a school you will:

  • Have 10 students and one staff member returning to your building with a solid understanding of youth-led prevention and the tools they need to positively impact your building climate.
  • Receive over 750 hours of support, guidance and technical assistance from trained and certified preventionists.

2018 Licking County Leaders Summit
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