In 2015 the YLC co-sponsored the revival of Youth to Youth in Licking County. Last seen in 2009, Youth to Youth is an international youth-led prevention program designed to utilize the power of youth to help other young people understand a drug free lifestyle. Originally a county-wide program, Venture Youth to Youth is a re-imagination of the concept which uses high school students to mentor and support fifth grade students as they choose a drug free lifestyle. Since 2015, nearly 600 fifth grade students at Licking Valley Intermediate School have participated in a weekend long camp full of speakers, workshops and activities all promoting a healthy self-esteem and the drug free choice!

The Youth to Youth model utilizes high school students in every aspect of the planning, organization and implementation of programming and services. Taking the best practice principals of youth-led prevention and paring it with effective community engagement, Venture Youth to Youth employs high school leaders who serve as Youth Coordinators and lead the weekend camp experience.

In 2017 a middle school club program was included to maintain the engagement with the fifth grade students who move on to middle school.